This is what homelessness REALLY looks like.

Ian & Danielle at CAS rally

Seeking accountability from the Child Abduction Services.

Bottle collector - Kingston

Collecting bottles for change in Kingston. (credit: Alex Choi)

KCAP on the march

Kingston G20 anti-police abuse demo.

We Won't Be Fooled Again

KCAP and allies shut down Princess St. April 1 2011

Homeless in Gaza

... or is it Kingston?

Even kids know...

... poverty is not right. (Cayla at City Hall)

Speaking truth to power

KCAP confronts MPP Gerretsen outside the people's office.

A free KCAP BBQ event

Mike and David - a 2012 Raise the Rates free BBQ event!

Dianna does Dalton

Dianna confronts Dalton McGuinty... ouch!

Occupy Kingston

Waterfront occupation... note the flag at half mast.

Party in the Park 2011

Face painting artistry by Linda.

Mellonhead rocks

Mellonhead rocks Party in the Park 2011.

Anonymous: We are legion

We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

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